The Village of Blenheim

The Last of The Lost Arkhosians

Halfshadow… I repeat the name often. I will repeat it every night until I find him. I will repeat it until the day I bury his corpse in the earth. That day I will speak his name one last time during his burial right. Last night Zachar’s prayer to Bahamut was answered during our glorious battle and it is a sign that I am on the right path.

I spent the day working with Grutt to relocate the town horn, and then later with the rest of my comrades to bolster the towns defenses. Grutt is very strong for a creature his size and was a great asset during the days work. Aurial however mostly got in our way on the rooftop. At supper Cassie informed me of the days scouting around the nearby fields. We still have not determined whether the kobolds are acting together or in separate bands from different areas. Frederick seems grateful for our presence the praise he gives to us made me uneasy as we had yet to earn much of it.

When night fell I was fast asleep after the hard days’ work. A bellowing shout awoke not only me but my companions as well. A second shout quickly followed and we rushed out to the courtyard. Grutt and Cassie were on the watch that night and we could see them up on the supply building rooftop. The kobold before us was enormous and claimed to be Sarog the chieftain of the Wild Bull. The kobolds we had despatched the night before were his brethren and he had come for vengeance.

Aurial led the charge slamming head first into the chieftain, over eager, she missed but outraged looked to me. With reckless abandon she swung again landing a fierce blow which gave her the confidence to bound back and away from Sarog before he could respond. Zachar followed Aurial’s lead striking with religious fervour at the chieftain. Then I saw my chance, I charged forward striking down the first kobold in Sarog’s entourage and then filled with adrenaline I unleashed my lightning breath striking both foes and friends alike.

Cassie must have been building on our momentum as she let loose an explosive storm annihilating the second minion and deafening Sarog. I shout for her to relentlessly continue her assault and looking to me she sends forth a bolt of frost. Filled with confidence in herself she sends a second bolt of frost but over eager in her attempt the shot went astray. This is when Zachar called out to Bahamut for aid and miraculously the bolt veered straight into the chieftain.

The adrenaline reached its climax in Grutt who launched himself off of the storage building roof holding his rope in one arm and his war axe in the other. He slammed into the ground at a full run head first towards Sarog. He charged past the chieftain but sharply turned back towards him slamming his war axe into Sarog’s kneecap. An ungodly shriek echoed through Blenheim followed promptly by the resounding crack of bone around the courtyard. Sarog’s legs both exploded off one after the other. Each bone in his body consecutively shattered up to his skull until he slumped to the ground, a pile of soft flesh. The villagers will speak of this victory for months to come.

The glory of battle and warmth of camaraderie had taken my mind away from the demise of my old company, The Lost Arkhosians. This did not last long however and the morning once again filled me with guilt and thoughts of vengeance. I was their leader and now I am their sole survivor. It has fallen to me to deliver Tiamat’s vengeance unto Halfshadow. Seeing Cassie’s display of power last night leads me to believe that she is in fact Kava’s apprentice and that my efforts tracking her to this Guard were not a wasted pursuit. Once I am sure of who she is I will reveal myself to her and tell her of Kava’s demise. I hope that her bond with him was strong enough that she will lend me her aid in my quest. If I am wrong about her then I will have wasted much precious time. My honour would have me serve out my contract in Blenheim before I can again search for the Halfshadow so I pray to sundered Io that Cassie can help me, the last of The Lost Arkhosians.

-Razza the Golden



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