The Village of Blenheim

Arrival in Blenheim

The Start of a Grand New Adventure

Travel Log – Entry 1

After many long days on the road, we have finally arrived at our destination: the Town of Blenheim. It is a quaint little village, full of people who opened their homes to us, despite the hardships that have befallen them. It reminds me of my home, and I feel like I could come to enjoy it here.

My heart goes out to these people who are under siege from constant Kobold raids. Every day, they watch their children go hungry and their friends and families disappear forever. I pray to Bahamet that they will soon see justice. I will be their justice.

I find my companions to be good company, but I fear we may still have some way to go before I may truly call them friends. Zachar is kind and devout, but the others scoff me when I show my gratitude to the almighty dragon, for they are non-believers and do not understand his ways. I am hopeful, though, that we may soon find our common ground.

This past night we have had our first true battle together. A group of Kobolds attacked Blenheim in the night, hoping to sneak up on us, but they were sorely disappointed for not one of their number lived to tell the tale. Our scouts spotted them and put up a magnificent fight. I, however, am sorely disappointed that I arrived at the battle too late to be of much help. I fear that the others may think less of me for it, and I yearn to show them my prowess in battle one day soon.



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